New Summer Photo

So on a walk last week I was finally able to grab a photo of Summer where she doesn’t look miffed that her picture was being taken. The secret is back away with a long lens I guess. Her tummy is bothering her again this weekend. Not sure what that is all about.

The Autrey Family

Friday morning I did a super fun shoot with the Autrey Family out on Vilano Beach. They had both sides of their family into town and out to this gorgeous beach house. We started at 7am which was a blessing because it got hot fast. They were a really fun group and hope they call the next time they are in town.

Bryan and Hilary Arnwine - Thanks Kate for a beautiful job with our family photo shoot. We appreciate your ability to capture everyone’s personalities. It was such a gift to be able to document my niece’s high school graduation and our children’s first time to touch their bare feet to beach sand! Many Thanks for your professionalism and artistic talents! The Arnwine Family

Kate Gardiner - It was completely my pleasure! That is so great that it was the minis’ first time to the beach! Beach sand way better than playground sand!

Come back soon!


Kim - lovely images kate. i want to come see you!!

Fountain of Youth photo outting

Tuesday, my new photo friend Melissa Hammond and I stopped into the Fountain of Youth monument park which is a few blocks from Kate Gardiner Photography. It was stinky hot so we didn’t linger for too long. But I took a few photos while we were there. There was a guy dressed as a pirate that was zooming around the park on a Segway. Was odd. They also had an ostrich that had the craziest ears. I’m sure all ostriches have ears like this but I never noticed how monkeyish they are! It had the most gorgeous feathers too.

Steve and Kristen

Over the weekend I did an engagement session for Steve and Kristen. They live in Jacksonville and are getting married later this year in Chicago. The day was a little blustery but the sun peaked out in the end. We walked around downtown St. Augustine which has a multitude of great backgrounds. After the sun set we walked over to the old carousel and took a few rides.

Steve and Kristen have the best “how we met” story of late. They actually met on a flight to Jacksonville. So yes, guys you do have a chance with the cute girl you sit down next to on the plane so keep your fingers crossed!

Ann - Just don’t try to talk to me! ๐Ÿ™‚

Settling in…

Well we have had Summer now for a month and she is finally settling in. She is still a bit itchy which we can’t figure out, but is eating much better. Getting photos of her is still hit or miss since she is still a bit camera shy, but I was able to grab this one of her today.

Erica Kern O'Neill - Benedryl works really well for our pooches. When Harley first moved in with us, we had him groomed and the person shaved his fur too short and it made him terribly, terribly itchy (or the grass irritated his skin because he had very little fur, and he was very itchy). Either way, Benedryl works wonders. We put the pill in peanut butter and he thinks it is a treat!

Ann - awww. how cute.
when are you gonna post a pic of your lima bean????

Disney World

Jason and I made our first trip to Disney World on Sunday. I have been to Disneyland many times but Jason and not been to either. I got to say that Magic Kingdom was a little less than thrilling. I always assumed it was just like Disneyland only bigger. They only have the major highlights from Disneyland and a few random minor things like the Tiki room (animatronic birds singing) and Country Bear Jamboree. And worst of all… NO MR. TOAD’S WILD RIDE!!! We had fun anyway and met up with my friend Deb and her family later in the day.

Ann - I like Disneyland much better myself, too.
Mr. Toad’s wild ride is one of the best. That and Pirates of the Carribean.

Traci Iserman and Tony Sartori

I had the honor this weekend of photographing the wedding of Traci Iserman and Tony Sartori at Tavern and Chapel in the Garden in Port Orange, FL. It was a gorgeous day as you can tell and gorgeous people to work with! Enjoy this sneak peek of their event! I wish them the best in their married life!

For those of you who were guests at this wonderful event, the full viewing of pictures is coming soon. Watch your inbox with the announcement from!

Erica Kern - These are beautiful!

Becky Wilson - Kate, thank you for capturing this special day for us! Having such beautiful pictures of my beautiful daughter and son-in-law is beyond words! You were marvelous! I can hardly wait to see the rest…! - The 2nd and 3rd one are my favorite ones…. All are beautiful ๐Ÿ™‚

I made Google!

Yeah! Now I’m listed in the google map section! Granted on page 2. But hopefully I will get higher rankings soon.,+FL&fb=1&view=text&cd=20&hl=en&latlng=29908580,-81318354,11636833801572528018&ei=qIUYSOCWEZHMjQPUppj-DA#

Ann - Cool!

Kate Gardiner - i’m still going to need curt to help me boost my ranking. but no need to think about my googleness while you are in london!!

Our Love Bug, Summer

Summer came to live with us last week. She is part blue tick hound, part pointer and full of love. We are getting used to each other. So far I think she likes having us be her new humans. She grew up with a brother and is suffering from some separation anxiety issues. But we are working on it. She had a rough night last night. There is something that she has been exposed to, either in our house or out on our walks that has given her hives. So she’s super itchy and agitated because of it. It seems the bathtub feels good to her since this is where she is spending most of her time today. I feel so bad for her. I hope she has a better night tonight after the antihistamine the vet gave us kicks in. We also have to give her a bath when Jason gets home tonight in this oatmeal medicated shampoo. I’ll try to get some pictures. She is a little camera shy which I’m hoping she’ll eventually overcome.

debodet - Love the new blog I hope next time you come to phx you can probably bring your dog!He or she is so cute!

Ann - awww, what a sweetheart!

dougphoto - that top dog shot rules.

Christine Gacharna - how fun to read through this! I looked through your website, too, it’s beautiful! I love your wedding photo — and how fun that it was shot by Chris Richards! he did a great job. you look so happy and exactly as I remember you. I hope Summer is feeling better; she’ll be working the camera before you know it. ๐Ÿ™‚ very fun to have found you…

Have you ever wanted to…

yell at someone but instead leave a nasty note on their car?? Today, I’m walking across the library parking lot. I’m looking down because I was walking into the setting sun and forgot my sunglasses. The next thing I know I’m blind sighted with excruciating pain. Some $%^&&*!! had a 12 foot pole sticking out the back of their pickup. No flag or anything hanging off it. It hit me square in the nose. I was so lucky that I didn’t ram an eye (occupational hazard) into it or anything. No blood, but my nose hurts like hell. So I went into the library, wrote my nasty note on the scrap paper by the catalog computer and put it on their windshield. So there!!!

Kim - Dang. Seriously, that is really scary. You never found out who it was? Today, got punched in the nose by a 140 lb dog and thought I broke it, …but it just really really hurt. Are we living parallel lives?

Kate Gardiner - maybe… today it is kind of swollen and redish purple.

Ann - Ouch. When I was first reading this I was thinking you hit your shin. But man, up that high. That is super dangerous.

debodet - Wow that gotta hurt!From:Kayla

New house chaos

So it seems we had serious rain storms here in Florida while we were away. When we got home we found that we put a garbage can in our kitchen in very convenient location. The ceiling had leaked and the bucket had 6-8 inches of water in it with only a few spots that were wet nearby. By yesterday morning the ceiling sheet rock had started to bow a bit. By yesterday afternoon, it was a good thing I had all the cupboard doors open because the ceiling fell down onto the open doors. I was in another part of the kitchen when I heard the crackle and thump, turned around and was shocked to see that it had fallen. By the late afternoon the property management company had sent a handyman over to take a look. He sliced off the other half of the panel and you could see the huge collection of water that had soaked the insulation and puddled in the plastic underneath. Not to mention that all the sheet rock was moldy and bug infested. The house has a flat roof and it seems that the owner had not kept the drains cleared. The roofing guy that was here today confirmed that the drain pipes were filled solid with tree waste and gook. One pipe had even been buried under landscaping. This of course caused “ponding”.

So this kind of puts a crimp in our unpacking. I had almost finished unpacking the kitchen. Fortunately I was able to move all the stuff on the counters out before the ceiling panel came all the way down. The place is still a mess though. They estimate that will be a week to 10 days before the whole job is finished. Thank god we are only renting!

Ann - Oh man! That is nuts! But at least you had something to blog about. ๐Ÿ™‚
Yes, there are advantages to renting and not owning.

Thank you

Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers over the last few weeks. They have been truly appreciated. A few have asked about my father’s obituary. This ran in last Sunday’s Az. Republic.

Jason and I are back in St. Augustine now trying to dig out from under all our boxes. Hopefully I can post some photos by the end of the week. I have to use the big camera because my little canon elph met an untimely end when I dropped it on our tile floor with the lens out. :O(

Big hugs to all!

debodet - Kate this isn’t about that but cute dog!From:Kayla

Theodore Alfred Gardiner 1930-2008

My father passed away Saturday morning, March 1. It was very peaceful. He had eaten a big breakfast and was happy as a clam when the big stroke finally came. He was gone very quickly. My love to all that have been so supportive during this time in my life. Thank you for your prayers. He is with my mom now.

Ann - Kate,

I am so sorry to hear about your dad. I was so happy he was there to walk you down the aisle on your beautiful wedding day. And it is nice to know that your mom and dad are together again.
Know that love, good thoughts and prayers are with you by many of us who love you.
I am so sorry.
I love you.


Kate Gardiner - thanks sweetie. i appreciate everything.

Erica Kern - I love the thought of he and your mom together again. And, as Ann mentioned, it is so precious that he was there to walk you down the aisle. I hope those memories are with you always. I’m here for you if you need anything. I’m looking forward to seeing you again. Of course, I wish it weren’t under these circumstances. Much love.

Kim - Kate
My thoughts have been with your and your family in these past days. You are an amazing daughter and I know, also, an amazing wife as a result.
I hope that the fond memories of your dad and mom are never far away.

You are a beautiful and loving soul and I’m so sorry for your loss.


debodet - I’m so sorry Kate!But atleast Jason’s there to take care of you!From:Kayla

Beach Sunday

For the first time since we moved to Florida, Jason and I spent Sunday morning sitting on the beach. I go to the beach almost everyday for exercise, but it was really wonderful to just sit and read. Jason was not as liberal with the sunscreen as maybe he should have. He is kind of lobsterish today in weird patterns from using the spray sunscreen. We have an umbrella somewhere but god knows where, so we went for the full sun. Normally I wouldn’t post a photo that has a speck of a person in it. But since Jason felt it necessary to take my picture in my bikini, I am happy with the person-to-sky ratio.

New website up and running!!

So after many laborious weeks my new website is up and fully functional. Thanks to everyone for your input and copy editing. Check it out if you haven’t yet and make sure to bookmark it. There will be new galleries from time to time as new events unfold.

I opted to only have music going with the galleries instead of all the time. I personally am the first to shut off music on a site I visit, but I think it does add something to the galleries. Plus don’t want to get people busted at work.

My first NASCAR experience

Our friends Rob Brule and Mark Shreve are visiting us this weekend for the Daytona 500. We went to the Craftsman Truck race last night at the track. For as much as racing is not necessarily my favorite sport, I will completely admit that I LOVED IT!!! It was so fascinating to watch the physics involved with getting these cars around the track. I don’t think I could do an entire weekend of it but last night was pretty cool. See for yourself.

Kate Gardiner Photography (and Jason) move to St. Augustine!

Here are some photos of our new house and the new home of Kate Gardiner Photography. It is located right in the heart of the old downtown, about 100 yards from the Fountain of Youth monument to Ponce de Leon. We move in Feb. 28. I’ll let you know if my wrinkles start to recede!

I decided yesterday to do some exploring. One block over from us is the Fountain of Youth front gate which is lined on either side by these huge trees covered in Spanish moss. At the end of our road is the marshland that extends out for a mile or so to the ocean.

I then headed downtown for some lunch. I ate at this wonderful wine and tappas bar which you can see in in the photo with the stop sign. It is located on the balcony of the building on the left. There is a gorgeous Greek Orthodox shrine on the main shopping street. You would never know it was there if you didn’t see the small sign over the door. It is dedicated to St. Photios.

The main shopping area is closed to car traffic which is really nice. In Newport, RI you have to watch all the crazy drivers in the shopping area. This just makes it less congested. Many of the walls that fence off gardens in the downtown area are made of oyster shells as you can see in the last photo here. The sun and rain played tag while I was in town. This blossom was from a nearby bush.

Ann - Your new home looks so great!
Looks like a great area.
Photos are gorgeous.

Kate Gardiner - thanks! hope it will be great! the daytona 500 is this weekend and I can hear the stupid track practice right now from my living room. bleh!! only 15 more days!!

Jennifer - you have the best taste ever. that house is adorable.

More NYC trip photos

So here are some more photos from our trip to NYC in December for the NASCAR Champions Week. It is such a rarity that sun shines down in the concrete jungle. It was so beautiful.

This is one of the rooms at the Waldorf-Astoria where the modified series had one of its dinners. The whole room smelled divine! I can only imagine the floral budget for this dinner.

The snowflakes were on the side of a building. Can’t remember which building.

Here are Jason and I at the Rockefellar Center Christmas tree.

The last photo was us at this “hot” night club called Mystique. It was great people watching. All on NASCAR’s tab.

Erica Kern - What great pics. I love the skyline ones!

Ann - You guys are so cool!
I bet you are jealous that I saw Huey Lewis today!

Tony and Traci Engagement

Saturday I spent the late afternoon with Tony and Traci at the Daytona Beach Pier for their engagement session. They are getting married April 26 at this great place called Tavern and Chapel in the Garden in Port Orange, Fl.
Here are some of my favorite images from the afternoon. It is so easy to photograph beautiful people! Plus Traci had these rock’n shoes which you can kind of see off to the side in the last image.