Holy Crap!

Wow it has been ages since i posted. mea culpa. jason and i got back from our trip to ohio on tuesday. we went to a wedding, 2 baseball games and a great outlet mall. not to mention lots of forebidden fast food. my body is pissed, but i had a great time. the wedding in new orleans the week before was unbelievable too. there was a voodoo blessing which wedding guests were able to be blessed as well. i actually had voodoo dreams for a week. it was pretty cool actually. i asked this guy at work who is mr. new orleans and he told me (and i quote) “they’re just spirits, darlin, go with it.” which i did and it was pretty cool.

Erica Kern - I love that he can use the word “darlin” and get away with it. Not too many men can!

Kate Gardiner - yeah, he’s cute like that.

Busy month

I apologize for being so remiss lately. it has been a whirlwind of a month so far and doesn’t look like it will slow down again until mid-june. they have shuffled the beats of all the reporters at work which means a wealth of new story ideas flowing in. this makes for wickedly long days shooting 3,4,and sometimes 5 assignments. i guess its feast or famine though because all winter long we have been just starved for actual stories to work on as opposed to the drive around look for a feature game. which we all hate. i’m getting ready to start a story on home birth which will be interesting. i’m keeping my fingers crossed that a couple i recently met will agree to let me document their pregnancy including their giving birth at home.

this upcoming week will be nuts as i try to work in a session with the couple, and get the ball rolling on a story about the coal industry in conn. there is a power plant nearby that burns coal to generate electricity but also steam to run a nearby paper mill. it has been raining for a solid week and we are not scheduled to see the sun here until next friday which puts a damper on the coal project a bit.

on friday, i am leaving for new orleans for my friend jacqueline’s wedding. i can’t wait! i am so excited for her. i come back on monday the 22nd and then jason and i leave for a road trip to ohio on the 25th. two of my friends from college are getting married. we are going to also go see a family friend (martha, for those who know) and catch a cincinnatti reds game. the wedding is in cleveland on sunday and we have tickets to catch a cleveland indians game on monday. should be tons fun! i love going to major league games. jason and i saw a reds game with martha the last time we went through ohio. it was awesome! we then head back to conn. on tues.

i’ll update again when i can. i got a new little canon elph digital camera so i hope to put more grab shots up here.

martha and me

so thanks everyone for your awesome comments on the site. now i just need people to HIRE ME!!!

my friends, marcia and heather and myself went to nyc on wed. to see a taping of martha stewart. it was very interesting to say the least. tune in on monday may 1 to see us. it shows here 11am on nbc but for those of you with tivo it won’t be hard to find. i’m pretty sure we will be on because of the fabulous head wear they adorned us with. i won’t say any more for now. better to leave you in suspense. i’ll be sure to blog about it monday. my friends and i all had green on and if you are looking at the audience we are on the far right side, 3 rows up.

Erica Kern - I just set my tivo so I won’t miss you. Casey humphed when he saw that I was recording Marth. He has a thing against Martha. I’m not quite sure what it is and it really isn’t worth asking becuase he’ll just go on and on about it. Something about Martha and jail and Martha being able to go back to her normal, priviledged live after jail whereas most people don’t have that luxury…or something long-winded like that!

Anyhoo (to quote you), I’ll look for you in your fancy schmancy headware and green shirt!

Kate Gardiner - thanks! did you see me? the segment where martha says “lets take another look at the audience.” you can totally see me.

Ann - So I didn’t read this post till Monday when I was at work. And since we don’t have the modem thingie for TiVo I couldn’t link up to my TiVo via Internet and tell it to tape Martha.

Erica Kern - Ann, is there really a modem thingie to remotely tell your tivo what to record? That is soooo cool! When I saw Kate in March (it was March, right?) she jokingly mentioned something about wanting to be able to check her tivo recordings on her phone and then be able to add recordings to it. Now that would be super cool!

Kate, I recorded it but haven’t watched the whole thing yet. I did see the fancy headwear though…wowza!

Kate Gardiner - the part where they show us is about halfway through the show. feel free to fast forward until they show the audience. the episode is kind of lame otherwise. dude i wish i had invented the modem thing. i figured someone would think that was a good idea!

Erica Kern - I watched but didn’t see you. I rewinded and rewatched several times and saw one woman in green but didn’t see you. Maybe she was next to you. I loved the balloon hats.


well almost.

my web designer is putting a finishin touches to the site, but otherwise it is done. please check it out and do a little beta testing for me. if you are pc or mac, please run the site in every browser you have access to. whether that is explorer, firefox, netscape, safari, mozilla, or aol. or if you are among the slightly less web savy, just click the link and tell me what you think. if you see any typos (my copy pals this means you)or if it loads funny let me know.

hopefully the link hookup will work better than the one i tried to do in the last post. it still wouldn’t show up no matter what i did. i wonder if the day website had some kind of mojo attached to the link.

anywho let me know!!!


  • •kategardinerphoto.com-wedding photojournalism
  • Debbie - Your web site is great. Of course I found myself getting very emotional over your first photograph and how much happiness you were bringing all of those wonderful people in the picture.

    It took me a while to figure out that I needed to wait for the pictures to change in the gallery. I thought there were just four pictures, but was sure there were probably more. I did figure it out though. I thought they were great pictures and that your site conveys quality.

    John Bohnenkamp - I do like your site. Well done by whoever constructed it.

    JLC - your web site is just gorgeous. a great display of great photography.

    Erica Kern - Sh*t! I just wrote a beautiful, eloquent essay on the merits of your gorgeous site and it didn’t post! I’ll try again…

    The site is absolutely gorgeous. I was so mesmerized by the stunning photos that I couldn’t focus enough to find typos or link problems or whatever. You really are a talented photographer. By looking at the photos I felt like I almost attended each of the weddings. I felt like I got to see a small snipet of those people’s lives that very day.

    I also like the personal comments. It is apparent you wrote them yourself and that you meant every word of what you said. (I did notice that the Thoughts page didn’t load properly the first time).

    The family photos were precious. The one of pregnant Deb and the one of your parents were moving. I just realized what it is — you are so talented at capturing the exact moment — I could see the love and bond between your parents and I could see the love and joy Deb had for her unborn child. Something about the way you shoot just lets us, the outsiders, in.

    Kate Gardiner - thanks so much for everyone’s comments. goodness erica, i’m so glad you found what you wrote. your comments were lovely. :O) i’m going to have a friend of mine look at the html code and see if he can fix the loading problem. the web gal had issues with that page.

    Ann - I finally looked at your site and all the pics.
    Everything looks gorgeous. Love all the pics. And I really like that you personalized it and let people know about Kate.
    My word verificiation is: fatrmax

    Curt - uh, web guy?

    thar’ she blows!!!

    so i got to shoot the coolest thing ever yesterday. they blew up an old bridge in nearby jamestown, ri which made for unbelieveable photos. follow this link and see the gallery:

    then click on the News section. you will see Jamestown Bridge Demolition. i would just post the pix here but don’t want to run the risk of the paper being irritated by my posting their intellectual property on my own blog.
    things we have to think about.

    ok so the link is having issues at the moment. i think it is a mac thing. i will fix when i get to work.

    RevHaines - where’s the link

    may the earth swallow me whole

    so funny story, today i went to the mall to return one
    pair of flipflops i bought that i thought would go
    with a dress and didn’t. (one pair looked great so
    we have a winner) anyway i stopped into the bathroom
    in the food court and then walked to am. eagle
    outfitters to return the shoes. i’m standing in line
    at the place and this tiny gay guy employee walks up
    to me and says “oh honey, you’ve got a bit of t.p.,” i
    look down at my shoe and there was a toliet paper
    trail of about 10 squares long stuck to the bottom of
    my shoe!!!! the guy reaches down to pull it loose but
    3 squares remain securely behind. so he grabs again
    and one square stays behind.


    finally i say, oh thanks don’t worry about it. and
    then have to stand there in line for another 10
    minutes dying on the inside while waiting to return
    the damn shoes with one square attached to my shoe. i
    tried to look like i had completely forgotten all
    about it the moment the guy walked away, but everyone
    in line totally heard our conversation and i swear
    they kept looking at my feet!!!

    i had to wait until i left the store, hid kind of
    behind a pillar and picked the rest of it off.

    anyway thought you all might be entertained…

    Erica Kern - Hey, be glad he said something! Imagine all those teeny boppers in the mall laughing at the (almost) 30 year old lady with t.p. stuck to her shoe!

    Kate Gardiner - thanks erica, i hadn’t thought about that factor and now i’m even more embarrassed! :O)

    Erica Kern - He He! Glad I could help add some (more) levity.

    I hope you had a wonderful Easter.

    JLC - i was stuck in a similar “sticky” situation at oregano’s once, but oddly, there was also a very kind “tiny gay guy” to help me out.

    my thoughts about it were that if there hadn’t been toilet paper on *their* bathroom floor, then i wouldn’t have had a problem.

    it’s all their fault. 😉

    good stuff

    well my weekend in new york was lovely. my friend jacqueline has the most amazing friends. we went to tons of wonderful restaurants but would frequently find ourselves just standing on the corner talking. we also decided you know you are no longer in your early 20’s when after a night of drinking, no one got sick and we were all ready to shop the next day. the second night we were there, we all were also ready for bed at 2:30 am instead of partying until the sun came up.

    i’m basking right now in the coolness of a gadget we were issued at work. i just finished shooting my assignment and now i’m sitting in the parking lot of the beach where my laptop is using its verizon broadband card to use the local cell phone signal as an internet connection. i just surfed the web calendar to see if there were any cool events going on in the area today to photograph while listening to the scanner. all while sitting in my car. technology is so amazing!!

    Ann - Eventually you realize you are too old to party like you are in your 20s. I, of course, have learned that the hard way.
    I deleted the post–had a typo. 🙂

    so excited!! AGAIN!!

    i realized as i typed the title of this post that it had come up before and for the same reason. my website is really ticking along. my web goddess just sent me the latest update. it is going to look so cool! i will post my web address after she makes the latest update. what is there now is not good. so i’d hate for you to see it with its pants down. i’m heading down to nyc tonight with some girl friends. we are having a bachelorette party weekend for my friend jacqueline. it should be fun. i’ll update you when i get back.

    peas and lettuce

    so spring has sprung here. i raked out my garden beds this weekend and built up my planting mounds. i’m trying to make my garden a bit more organized this year. last year i lost track of what i planted where and didn’t really know until they got rolling what was what. i also planted my peas last year really late mostly because i had no idea you were supposed to get them in around st. patrick’s day. who knew? they did grow last year but not very much. lettuce will be a new experiment this year. i think i am supposed to cover the lettuce beds but not sure yet. it hasn’t been freezing at night lately so hopefully i’ll be ok.

    Erica Kern - It’s about time! I was about to give you a hard time about not blogging since you gave me sh*t. Just kidding. I still love you…and owe you a real email note.

    Happy planting. I thought of you when I watered my Shamrock/Praying whatever plant. : )

    Kate Gardiner - how’s the plant doing? does it like your dark corner? and whatever! i update my blog at least once a week. so there. 😛

    Erica Kern - The plant is doing okay. I think the room might be a bit too dark but it seems to be happy enough. I still need to find a cute pot for it. I looked at Target and, believe it or not, I couldn’t find any I liked. I found several at Safeway (of all places) but none of them had holes in the bottom. Casey drilled a hole in the bottom of some other planters I have but it made me nervous because one false move and the whole pot would have cracked. I am going to look at Tuesday Morning; they might have some fun, cheap pots. I’ll keep you posted.

    nothing new or exciting maybe manilow

    so i wish i had something riveting to put here but i don’t. i finished my photo galleries for my new website. hopefully my web chica will have it up and running soon. i’ll post a new link when it is running. my friend jacqueline’s bridal shower was on sunday. it was most lovely.

    ok so i’m not usually a watcher of american idol. i usually find ryan seacrest painful, but i just finished watching ‘bones’ and it is on after that. barry manilow is singing right now and you know he is kind of scary looking these days. his skin has no creases. i can’t decide if it is just a face lift or if there has been some significant pealing involved as well. not to mention makeup. he also looks more like martin short’s “jimny glick” character minus the fat than himself. weird. what people do to make themselves glam. what, old housewives wouldn’t still swoon over mr. manilow if he had a wrinkle or two?

    Ann - does anyone or did anyone ever think barry manilow was a looker? Ewwww.

    Kate Gardiner - not really sure about the looker part but i’m sure there have been a few that chucked their undies.

    alright already!

    ok so i’ve been getting harasssed that i haven’t posted anything new on my blog for awhile. SORRY! i’ve been crazed. i went to a national press photographers assoc. northern short course for 3 days. it was totally crazy but really awesome. i’m fired up again about photo which i totally needed. i haven’t had any professional development since i went to this course four years ago. the kind of sad thing is that the last time i went to this, most of the classes involved issues that came up in newsrooms, ie. ethics, lighting, digital work flow. but this time most of the classes were how to be a freelancer, build your own business and there was even a “losing your job” seminar. one of the lecturers gave a statistic that the ny times spends on average $700 per day on their staff photographers with ins., salary, travel, etc. they pay their freelancers $150 per day. he said that when more papers figure out the immense savings behind hiring freelancers over staffers our jobs are toast. yippee. anyway i learned a lot and got to mingle with many very cool photogs. i think i only got 7 hours of sleep during the whole 3 days.

    Facial Fabulous

    all i have to say is that if you ever get the chance to have a facial, i highly recommend. deb and i went to camelback inn on sat. and had glorious facials. we also layed by the pool, drank cocktails and took in a little sun. i swear i look at least 5 years younger. even jason said he could tell the difference. although he didn’t saying anything about specific years :O)

    i’d write more but i have a ton of stuff to do. i just got home from phx and now i have to pack tonight to leave for cherry hill, n.j. tomorrow after my shift. there is a national press photographers assoc. conference that i’m going to until sat. busy, busy, busy!

    i’ll update more about my trip soon!

    Erica Kern - Kate-

    My tulips are beautiful! Thank you so much. Every flower has opened up and I just love them!

    Last night I got in bed and read Martha’s magazine. I’m not a convert yet, but I did enjoy her tips.

    Thanks for sharing.

    I hope you are having fun at your conference. We miss you! : (

    oscar the mega grouch

    have you ever had one of those days when you really woke up on the wrong side of the bed? you know when, for no reason, you wake up wanting to rip someone’s head off. today that was me. i didn’t have a weird dream or anything. i got to sleep in until 10ish so it wasn’t like i had to get up early. poor jason. he kind of poked me at 10:30 saying it was time to get up and i almost slugged him. talk about suddenly having someone on your hands who just wants to throw things. we went to breakfast and he had to make sure i didn’t make a scene. i did get better as the day went on, but i’m still kind of crabby.

    Erica Kern - I don’t know why but I sometimes have those days too. Often they are hormone related…I just want to rip off someone’s head…and I’m usually so nice! He he. I also find that I get this why when I am tired so I just try to apologize my way through the day and curl up in bed as soon as possible.

    I hope tomorrow is better.

    Can’t wait to see you!

    karma kicks my ass

    i have a confession to make. maybe if i send it into the vastness of cyberspace karma will give me a freakin break!! yesterday the wind was blown fiercely. it was so strong that when i was out for a walk in the morning it would take my breath away. so i pulled into the parking lot of target, opened my car door, reached for my purse and the wind whipped the door out of my hand and solidly planted it into the door panel of the car next to me. i got out and there was a two inch red streak with a teeny dent in their door. the car was champagne colored so the red was pretty obvious. here is where i really pissed karma off. i tried to rub it off with my finger which did help, but the dent was definitely there to stay. so i moved my car into another parking space…

    i know i am so bad!! i went into target and ho hummed in my brain about it. i did go back out to see if the car was still there but they had left.

    so for the rest of the afternoon karma had fun with me. i went back into target to get the things i needed. i was smelling the liquid soap to find a new flavor. i popped the lid on one and it totally shot soap up my nose, all over my face and dripping down on my shirt. ick. after bumming some tissues from the pharmacy and whipping myself off, i paid for my stuff and went back outside. the wind, still going strong, blows my cart over onto me as i am trying to put my things in my car. so i am struggling to right the cart when my cute orange hat goes careening across the parking lot. i leave the cart to go get my hat and when i come back it is leaning against my car although the scratch was teeny. then i went to panera bread (like paradise cafe in phx but not even close to being as good) anyway i got food to go and i was walking out of the place, the wind whipped the bag out of my hand making it crash on the ground where my styrofoam container of soup explodes all over the place. they did give me new soup so it wasn’t as sad as it could have been.

    i told someone at work about this and she said that bad karma always kicks 3 times so maybe i’m done. or maybe the hoodoo of the internet confession will wave the dark cloud away.

    Ann - Man, this post had me cracking up. I am sure you didn’t think it was funny at the time.
    Sounds like the wind was having some fun with you.

    Kate Gardiner - thanks! things have gotten better. just booked a spa appointment for deb and i in phx at camelback inn. yippee!!

    so excited!!

    so my website is really coming along. i finished the bio and philosophy sections this weekend and just sent those off to the designer. now comes the big hurtle of finishing up the photo galleries. i went to my first bridal show this weekend. i didn’t have a booth there yet. not quite ready for something that grand. but my goal is to have all my sample books all set to go next year. so mostly i was just there to spy. there was only one photographer out of maybe 6 or 7 that were there that was not a complete joke. i kept wanting to run up and down the aisles with a big sign saying don’t give your money to these people!! you are being ripped off!! and the photos are BAD!@!!!!@. there was this one guy that had a huge framed print that was of this couple that had this crazy starburst comet looking thing on it. it looked like in photoshop they had put this comet mask thing over the image and then printed it. ick!!! there is one up in hartford next weekend that i might go to. hopefully that one will be better.

    Erica Kern - I’m so happy that you are going to do it! You are such a great photographer and are, no doubt, better than all the ones at the bridal show. Keep us posted.

    (I can’t help but notice you started your blog with the word so. Don’t tell Ann. He He).

    Ann - That was just an observation I made. It drives me nuts when I do it. I don’t care what others do. SO there. 🙂

    Ann - FYI: Curt recommends using Yahoo! for your host site. That is what he uses and likes it. But I know you said Yahoo! stinks.

    i’m melting…

    so our big nor’easter blizzard that rocked new england is mostly gone. it was 60 today. i photographed an interesting woman today who makes contemplative bead work. a.k.a. rosaries and hindu prayer beads. they are stunning. i also photographed a holocaust survivor today who was fascinating. her story was so moving. she kept getting choked up as she spoke of her mother and others who were executed. she was 17 when she entered the concentration camp. when i was 17 my biggest problems were boys and zits. she talked about how they rounded everyone up who was 30 or older and walked them to a big hole and then just mowed them down. gives you goose bumps. sorry didn’t mean to bum you out. she was living history.

    Ann - i am still blown away by the holocaust. when i was in 7th grade a survivor came to talk to one of my classes. i was so moved.
    i just don’t understand how someone can hate someone else so much they want their whole race eliminated. i just don’t get it. people should embrace differences.

    Erica Kern - Several years ago I had the opportunity to attend a luncheon and the guest speaker was a holocaust survivor (Gerta Weissman Klein). I had read her book and was so moved I just had to hear her speak. By the end of her talk there was not a dry eye in the house. I would love to hear her speak again; I think she lives in Scottsdale. If you have a chance read her book. She was saved by an American soldier and proceeded to marry him and move to the U.S. It is a powerful, powerful book. If you want I can send the name. I just can’t remember it right now.

    Aside: that makes me think…maybe we should add some book list sort of thing to our blogs. We can share what we are reading right now. What we would recommend or not recommond. How would we do that? Ann, ask your techno husband will ya? : )

    Ann - Lemme ask the techy guy I am married to. 🙂 That book list is a good idea.
    I am sure it can be added where our listing of blogs are. I just have to figure out the coding.
    Yea, I want to read that book you recommended.
    And I think you would like Buffalo Soldier. From the author of Transister Radio and Midwives. Chris B–I have no idea how to spell his last name.

    Kate Gardiner - the book idea sounds great! my book club right now is on a science fiction theme which drives me nuts. although the one we just finished, an illustrated man, was interesting. not necessarily a ‘good’ interesting, just interesting. it was like reading a book full of twilight zone episodes. ick. hey ann, ask your techy husband too if he knows a good web host. yahoo stinks.

    Erica Kern - Right now I’m reading Anna Karenina for my bookclub. It is interesting but so slow. At night I don’t want to get into bed and read a slow book because I fall asleep right away! I need a little excitement…not too much…or I’ll stay up reading. It’s a fine line ya know!

    Kate Gardiner - i saw a play last week call anna in the tropics. it is about cuban cigar rolling factory workers who have anna karenina read to them while they roll the cigars by the lector that the factory hirers. very good. you could skip reading the actual book and just read the play. it is like the cliff’s notes version and very exciting.


    i really love this word. it is so perfect for what it discribes. although at the moment i would rather be eating a blizzard than watching it outside my window. mmm.. that sounds yummy. i have a really great photo which i will post later of ice crystals forming on the condensation on one of our windows. i think if we had good insulated windows this wouldn’t happen but hey not our problem since we don’t pay for heat. i made tortilla soup this afternoon for dinner and listened to cuban music all day so i’m battling the nor’easter in my own way. it snowed all night and is still wailing at 5:20pm. i would guess there is about a foot plus a little more so far. i don’t think it will be as big as the BIGGIE we had last year with 4ft drifts. the dog across the street was out a little while ago and it was pretty funny watching him try to walk in the snow that was up to his belly. his owner had to come scoop him up because he was stuck. he’s a pit bull but farely sweet.

    new week

    sorry to leave a sad post hanging for so long. i am in a much better mind set this week. jason and i went to his parents to watch the super bowl on sunday. it was so great to see the steelers win. jason and his dad had a good bonding experience. of course there were a couple of moments that they were having coronaries, like when roethlisberger was super nervous and throwing the ball away. anywho, i made chili (which turned out great, for those of you who i debated the freshness of my roast with.) no one got sick. i actually highly recommend if you make a pot roast in one of those oven bags, dump an envelope of chili mix and a 1/4 of water in with it, bake at 350 for an hour and 40 min. yummy!! i cubed it and then made my chili the way i usually do minus the hamburger. it was fabulous!!