Jessica & Terry

Jessica and Terry’s wedding at the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens in Jacksonville, Florida was absolutely gorgeous! We loved their ceremony in the garden along the river, and then their funky and fun reception inside the museum. The purple and pink color scheme reflected their outgoing and energetic personalities, and added the perfect pop of color to compliment the Spring flowers in the garden.We couldn’t be more excited with how beautiful the pictures from their wonderful ceremony came out. Congratulations Jessica and Terry!











St Augustine Photographer: Selfie Mom’s Rule

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately especially as we go into the holiday season. Selfie moms rule! What is a selfie mom, you ask? Well my friend Cait is genius at it. She takes a selfie with her kids almost everyday, when they are out and about, at a restaurant, park, at the pick-up line at school. It is something that is super important and has nothing to do with vanity.

There was a Huffington Post piece that circulated a few years ago written by a mom who decided to get over her insecurities about her weight/hair/eye bags, etc and be in more photos with her children. She talked about looking at photos of her own mother and it never occurring to her, “wow mom looks fat in that picture.”

I completely agree with this practice. My mom has been gone for over 10 years now. Looking at photos of my childhood where she is the same age as I am now is such a treat. When she was alive, I remember her looking at a photo I took of her as a kid and she said, “Ha! I look so young!” She didn’t comment about her neck or her crows feet which were of course probably much worse at that point.

If you aren’t 100% thrilled with your body these days for whatever reason, I completely understand not wanting evidence of this time. But your kids are still going to be growing and changing everyday while you are working on your better self. Hop into these photos anyway. Don’t look at them now if you don’t want to. File them away. I promise in 10 years you will not mind as much and your kids will have a record of you in their lives. Their childhood memories will fade and will be replaced only by the pictures they see. Make sure they remember exactly how much fun you had together and how much joy was on their faces and on yours.

So tomorrow on Halloween have someone else take a photo of you with your ghosts and goblins or rock that selfie. Make the upcoming holiday season one that turns over a new leaf in you being in photos with your kid. They’ll thank you for it!

St. Augustine Newborn Photographer: Baby Arwen

We loved photographing baby Arwen when she came home back in August. Her designer mommy made sure that she was welcomed with the most adorable nursery (featuring a whole wall of book pages)! Not only are we obsessed with the nursery, we also love the family heirloom cradle that was passed down to her.

Her pups Gizmo and Bowdie love their new little sister and are so gentle and attentive. Mom and Dad seem pretty smitten too!  We just had to smile over the constant drinking of coffee that these two new parents did during our session. Oh those were the days!



St. Augustine Wedding Photographer: Katie and Jason


Jason and Katie and their summer St. Augustine Beach Wedding was such a lovely event to be part of. So many people come to St. Augustine to get married, but Katie’s family has been coming here her entire life. Her grandmother owned the Panama Hat Shop on the pedestrian shopping area on St. George Street so Katie’s summers were full of beach days and warm afternoons on St. George Street. Which of course she has shared with Jason.


The pair got married on St. Augustine Beach not too far from the Pier. Then all of her guests piled onto an Old Town Trolley and trekked to downtown where we did their bride and groom portraits. We stopped at Pizza Time, their favorite pizza joint and then marched down to the Panama Hat Shop to see Consuelo the current owner of her grandmother’s hat shop. There were lots of tears of joy by all involved (I got a little teary too!). Finally we caught up with the trolley and their guests and then they were off into the evening to celebrate. Congrats you too!


St. Augustine Wedding Photographer: Molly and Erin

Molly and Erin have the biggest and best personalities, and their beautiful wedding matched that perfectly. The love that these two share for one another is so evident in everything that they do, and we’re so excited to share pictures from their big day!

Their simple and bright blue, yellow, and white color scheme was perfect for their summer wedding and showed their love for the beach. Every little detail of their wedding, like their tandem bicycle cake topper, reflected what they’re passionate about.

We managed to squeeze in bridal party portraits at St. Augustine Lighthouse (great choice!) before the heavens opened up in an epic rainstorm. Molly and Erin had planned to have their ceremony on the roof of the White Room Loft but the huge storm made the Villa Blanca an obvious back-up plan. Fortunately there wasn’t another event going on and the White Room staff did a great job making the ceremony change come together perfectly. Their reception in the Loft proceeded as planned and they even got a beautiful rainbow and rooftop dancing after the storm blew over.   The ceremony was very emotional, with a sincere mix of tears and laughter, and the reception was a blast! And can we talk about their sparkler exit? So cute! Despite all of the rain (and trust us, there was a lot) the whole wedding was nothing shy of perfect. All of their guests had an amazing time, but more importantly, Molly and Erin were finally able to celebrate their love and wed one another.

Two mornings later we met up with these newlyweds for a Trash the Dress session at sunrise! The whole experience was fun, beautiful, and sentimental and a blast to shoot!






St. Augustine Photographer: We Sell Prints!

Often times you may see an image on social media or else where on the internet that you absolutely love and want to share with friends and family, which is great! We love it when people share our work! Nothing is greater than knowing that other people find joy in the same images that you do, and that they see the beauty in those moments that you just had to capture. So go ahead and share! But be mindful, whenever sharing pictures on Facebook, for example, make sure that you credit the photographer so that there’s no mistaking who the picture belongs to, even if it does not have a watermark on it. Not just because the photographer owns the copyright and other legal stuff, but because it is the right thing to do. So show the love! It is the best compliment.

But what if you want more than just to share the image? What if you love it so much and want to hang it in your home and show it off to everyone, or keep it as an art piece? We would suggest contacting the photographer to inquire if they sell prints! And guess what? We sell prints! So if you ever see an image of ours that you just absolutely love, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our prints are always high quality and we can print on a variety of media in a variety of sizes.

Just check out this stunning picture Kate took of fog surrounding the El Galeon in Downtown St. Augustine as seen from the Treasury Building. It sure would look beautiful framed hanging in your home!




St. Augustine Portrait Photographer: Holiday Cards

Can you believe that the holiday season officially begins in just 3 months? Don’t panic though, we’ve been hard at work listening to Christmas music and finding our holiday inspiration despite the Florida summer in order to create holiday cards options for you ahead of time! If you haven’t booked your family portrait session yet, now is the best time to do it! Remember, it’s always best to be ahead of the game rather than trying to squeeze in a session two weeks before Christmas and hoping that you can get the cards out in time (it’s okay, we’ve all been there).

We know that coordinating family holiday portraits can be a little stressful, so we have some tips to help make the whole process a little easier! First of all, you want yourself and your family to be comfortable and confident in whatever you choose to wear, and you want it to compliment the setting that you’ll be in. Speaking of setting, consider what works best for you and your family. If you love the beach, then a beach session may be perfect for your holiday card! If you prefer a more traditional setting, your Christmas tree or holiday decor make the perfect back drop! Another element to consider is props. You don’t want to include too many elements, which may crowd the photo, so talk with your photographer before hand and figure out what the most important props are to you, and how you can incorporate them into your portrait!

Check out our card samples below. We used a few of our favorites from last year’s mini sessions.

1. Ornate:

This card is both elegant and classy, and only requires one portrait. It makes a great display and will leave a lasting impression on all of your friends and family!

Holiday Cards Ornate


2. Traditional

With a horizontal layout and traditional holiday colors, this card allows you to showcase the best images from your holiday portrait session!

Holiday Cards Horizontal 1


3. Fun, Rounded Corners

If your family is more into being a bit goofy, this may be the card for you! Not only does it allow you to show off multiple pictures, the colors and elements add a fun and festive holiday cheer!

Holiday CardscRounded


4. Cute and Cheerful

One of our personal favorites, this card shows off your family’s best holiday portrait in a vertical layout, and features playful holiday accents!

Holiday Cards Verticle


5. Decorative 

A great horizontal option, this card sends a welcoming and heartwarming message and works great with a photo from your family’s portrait session on the beach!

Holiday Cards Horizontal 2

We hope these options have helped you get excited for the upcoming holidays! We will announce our mini session packages next week so be looking at your calendars for October!!!

St. Augustine Portrait Photographer: Print your Summer Pictures!

It’s so wonderful to be able to take out our phones and snap a picture of an amazing moment at any given time. From fun beach adventures, to the annual family vacation, our phones are there to capture it all! Plus did you know that this generation is the most photographed generation of all time, but the LEAST printed. No pressure right? Well if you are as overwhelmed at the though as we are, start today by downloading one of the apps below and get started

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite apps and websites that takes all of the hassle out of printing your pictures! Get ready to break out the photo albums and scrapbooks and spend a fun afternoon making it easy to share your memories with all of your friends and family!


Download this awesome app to your phone to make super cute square prints of your tricked out Instagram photos. They are 4″x4″ and are awesome to give to your bestie to remember that girls trip to Napa last year (hey I can dream right?). A pack of 24 prints is only $12. They also make rectangular mini prints and regular 4×6’s which are great to print all those selfies that are lingering in your phone and deserve a place on the fridge. I also love their paper because of the way it absorbs the color, giving everything a soft matte feel. Plus they have some gorgeous rustic wood frames and shadow boxes. We didn’t know they had added these to their catalog until we started writing this post and can’t wait to order a couple. This free app is available via iTunes app store but sadly for Android peeps it is an iPhone only app.


Photo credit:


2. is one of our favorite labs for consumers. They are the little brother of our professional print lab and offer some fun keepsakes like holiday ornaments and playing cards printed with your snapshots. They offer 29 different sizes and 3 paper styles to choose from, and start as low as 19 cents a print. Your smart phone makes a pretty decent hi-resolution image and can probably print up to an 8×10 before you will notice some graininess. You do however have to download your photos to your computer to use this lab which is a bummer and we wish they would make an app. Make sure to use the original photo your camera took NOT the one you ran through the Instagram app so that it has higher resolution and is a normal rectangle shape.

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.53.41 AM

Photo credit:



Both iPhone and Android users can have fun with this app that lets you send in the U.S. Mail a postcard WHILE you are on that trip to Napa a “wish you were here” note to family and friends stuck at home. The postcard has a QR code on it that the recipient can scan with their smart phone to send you back a note and also download the photo on the card. It’s great for kids to get into since who doesn’t love mail waiting for them when they arrive home?

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 10.41.24 AM

Photo credit:


Speaking of kids, as yours are headed back to school in the next few weeks or are already back, now is the best time to get those summer memories printed. Before you know it, Halloween will be here with a whole new crop of photos that will just get heaped on the pile so don’t delay! Our family has been using these albums from Target. They are super easy for small hands to slide  4×6’s in and they are classy enough that you can put on your shelf and not have them clash with your decor. Our kids love to pull them out and look over their photos, especially the ones they took. It cements those memories for them just like it did for us growing up. Plus when your phone takes a header into the toilet, you don’t lose all those months of cute kid smiles and selfies with your besties!

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:


Hope this was helpful to get you started printing your photos. If you find other apps/sites you love, drop us a note or a comment below. We are always looking for something new to feature. Happy printing!



St. Augustine Wedding Photographer: Destination Elopement

We have noticed a substantial upswing of couples coming to St. Augustine for their destination elopement. And who would blame them? This charming little city has so many beautiful locations that are perfect for small, intimate weddings. There’s just something so sentimental about sharing your special day between only the two of you in St. Augustine. You can still have your adorably simple ceremony, but with all of the historic charisma that the city has to offer, but without the extensive planning of an elaborate wedding.

Planning a destination elopement can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start, but we have some helpful tips for the couple looking to elope in our little city! First of all, we do not recommend getting married at the courthouse. It’s not the quaint little building you may be expecting (it is located in the same building as the DMV), and there are plenty of more scenic options for you to choose from whether it is a B&B that offers an all inclusive package like our friends at the Cedar House Inn or the Bayfront Marin House.

No need to stress about finding an officiant! You can simply go to the St. Augustine Wedding & Events Association website to find an ideal match for your ceremony. The site also provides great recommendations for other vendors as well if you have decided to not do an all inclusive package.

Lastly, we love to get to know you before your wedding. Plan a little weekend trip before your wedding to scout out the area and meet with us. Or if you can’t make a trip beforehand, let’s meet for coffee the day before the elopement to hear more about your love story, get to know one another and see your chemistry with each other.





St. Augustine Portrait Photographer: Book Your Beach Session!

If you haven’t booked your beach session yet, now’s the time to do it! Luckily summer’s not over yet, giving you a little more time to get the family together to photograph those fun summer memories. Not to mention that St. Augustine beach portraits are great for holiday cards! We know it’s only August, but trust us, it will be time to send out the family cards before you know it! And we can add seasonal touches into any beach session which will save you the trouble once the holiday season rolls around. We’ve been listening to Christmas music and doing tons of Pinterest related research to create some awesome card designs for you guys! So why not kill two birds with one stone and send a ‘Merry Christmas from Florida’ inspired card, or stand out from your friends and families back home with a beautiful beach scene instead of snow? Just look at how perfect some photos from some of our previous beach sessions would be on a holiday card!


St. Augustine Newborn Photographer: Rhys

We are a different kind of St. Augustine newborn photographer as you can see in the photos below. We love to document the interaction between parents and their newborn, the sweet smelling heads, kisses and love. Siblings and their new baby are always fun to watch and imagine the games they will play as they grow and bond. Scheduling your newborn session is best done BEFORE your baby is born. It doesn’t have to be a concrete date, just have us tentatively put you on our calendar. Trust me one of the last things you will be thinking about in those first few sleepless weeks is having photos taken. We didn’t have any of our photographer friend’s come to do a session after our last baby was born and I regret it.

We’re so excited to share this session of newborn of Rhys! This little bundle of joy was born on June 23rd at 8:59am. He weighed 7 lbs, 7 oz. and was 2o inches long. We’ve been with this family from the beginning, photographing the couple’s wedding, along with big sister Grace’s first birthday! We love that our clients include us as their family grows, documenting all of their biggest milestones.




St. Augustine Vow Renewal: Ben & Erna

Ben and Erna’s sweet St. Augustine vow renewal will warm your heart as much as it did ours! In celebration of their 50th anniversary, the couple invited their closest friends and family to watch them tie the knot all over again at the Our Lady of La Leche Shrine in historic St. Augustine. The ceremony was officiated by Father Tim, a long-time family friend of the couple.

After the ceremony the couple celebrated with lunch at The Columbia Restaurant. Some details that we loved about the wedding include the simple yet elegant color scheme, flower arrangements, and beautifully decorated cake. A detail that we especially adored was the framed picture from their first wedding that was attached to Erna’s bouquet! Another part of the renewal that we loved was that their grandson played the cello during the service, making it that much more special. Congrats you two! We wish you another 50 years of happiness!



Lovely Little St. Augustine Elopement: Chloe & Steve

Chloe and Steve married on April 15th in what was a lovely little St. Augustine elopement! Their beautifully simple ceremony was highlighted by the historic charm downtown has to offer in the spring . We especially loved how the pink flowers contrasted perfectly against their wedding day white!

These newlyweds elopement effortlessly combined St. Augustine’s seaside feel and southern charm, which matches their easy going and cute style! St. Augustine has many wonderful locations that can be used as the perfect elopement venue. A variety of entertainment and get away spots are abundant for celebrations afterwards!


St Augustine Engagement Shoot: Shaylinn & Torrey

We’re so excited to share theses beautiful photos from Shaylinn and Torrey’s charming St. Augustine Engagement shoot! We can’t wait to be part of their big day on October 17th! We loved their easy style and Shaylinn’s killer dress.

St Augustine is a beautiful backdrop that really sets the mood for the big day! If you’re trying to decide whether you want to do an engagement shoot, we have some tips that you may find helpful. Engagement shoots are a perfect way to get to know your photographer before the wedding, allowing you to establish a comfortable rapport. They also help you and your partner discover what poses work for you, especially if one or both of you isn’t always comfortable in front of a camera! Engagement shoots can also be a wonderful way to share your exciting announcement with your friends and family, and make great Save the Dates or wedding details!

If you decide to book an engagement shoot, location and style are some things to consider. Historic downtown St. Augustine is not only gorgeous, but also offers tons of different backdrops all within steps! From the bayfront, to brick alleys, and not to mention all of the beautiful buildings, you won’t be without options. You should also feel your best in whatever you decide to wear, so either casual or chic, you want to be confident and happy!


Include your pet in your St. Augustine Family Portraits!

From comforting, to playing, to being there when we need a cuddle buddy or to make us feel safe, we all know that our fury friends are a part of the family too! Because they play such an important role in our lives, why not include your pet in your St. Augustine family portraits?  They like to join in on the fun, and you can create memories of you and your family that will last forever! Some helpful tips to ensure that they remain picture perfect are to bring non-messy treats and their favorite squeaky to help keep their attention forward. Also, if you want them to wear a costume or collar, introduce them to it a few weeks before the shoot so they’re comfortable in their adorable ensemble!


St. Augustine Child Portraits

There’s nothing more precious and sentimental than watching your children grow up! They’re only this little once, so we as parents know that it’s important to capture their spirit and energy while cherishing every moment.  Get your St. Augustine child portraits to capture and remember this beautiful moment in you and your child’s lives!


St. Augustine Beach Portraits

With wonderful lighting and beautiful scenery, there’s no better backdrop than St. Augustine Beach portraits. Beach sessions capture the true essence of your family’s lifestyle by allowing you to play in the waves, walk down the shore, relax, or have fun, especially if you are here vacationing. Capture your summer memories and book a beach session for your family today!


St Augustine Same-Sex Weddings: Love Wins!

What a profound and historical decision made by SCOTUS this week! Same-sex marriage is now rightfully recognized in all 50 US states! We would like to congratulate all same sex couples on this momentous step forward. Hopefully soon we won’t have to call uniting of two people of the same gender “same-sex weddings”, we can just call it “marriage”. In honor of this verdict we would like to feature two loving couples whose marriage ceremonies we were honored to photograph. Top photo series: Terry and Jessica. Bottom photo series: Janet & Francie.


St. Augustine Wedding Photographer: Extravagant Elopements

Eloping used to mean sneaking out of a window in the middle of the night and booking it to Vegas with your lover. Not anymore! Extravagant Elopements are the latest trends with all the beautiful details minus the 200 invitees. The Big Day is equally as special with many details being carefully considered such as flower arrangements, guest gift bags, themed cupcakes, inspirational props, engraved silverware, and many more romantic trinkets. But cut the guest list more than in half and you find yourself in a quaint, charming room in one of St. Augustine’s finest Mediterranean restaurant. We were very excited to be a part of this quirky elopement! How could you not find the zombie bride and groom cake toppers adorable?

St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake Family
St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake Couple
St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake Guest Gifts
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Flower Center Piece
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Cake
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Cake
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Engraved Silverware
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Props
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Props
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Flower Center Piece
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Music
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Lightner Museum Couple Kiss
St. Augustine Photographer Zombie Cupcake Couple Vows
St. Augustine Downtown Historic Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake
St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake Guest Gifts
St. Augustine Wedding Photographer Zombie Cupcake Bride Groom Gift



St. Augustine Photographer: Oldest House Vintage Wedding

So pleased to have one of our favorite weddings of the year featured on Something Turquoise. It is a great DIY wedding blog and one of my favorites. This March vintage wedding was under wraps until it was published so FINALLY here are some of our favorites from the day. Two great photographers worked with us that day to make sure we got every detail covered and every angle captured. So special thanks to Rob Futrell and Amy Robb. Mike & Becky are high school sweethearts it just took 13 years for it to be “official”. They love to travel and made that part of their wedding decor, right down to the luggage tag place cards. The one element of their day that you can’t tell from the blog post is how sweet and wonderful their families are. This is clearly summed up in the image below of Becky’s mom and nephew seeing her in her dress for the first time. Just melts your heart!

St. Augustine Oldest House: Ring Bearer
St. Augustine Oldest House: Ring Bearer
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Dress
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Dress
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Shoes
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Bride Accessories
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Flower Bouquet
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Flower Bouquet
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Bride Dress
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride and Bridesmaids
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Props
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Props
St. Augustine Oldest House: Ring Bearer and Wedding Dog
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride and Bride
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride and Bride
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Dog
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride and Groom Vintage Wedding
St. Augustine Oldest House: Outdoor Vintage Wedding
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bridesmaids and Flower Girl
St. Augustine Oldest House: Wedding Tradition
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Outdoor Wedding Ceremony
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride and Groom Tie the Knot
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bridal Party
St. Augustine Oldest House: Groom and Groomsmen
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Flower Girl
St. Augustine Oldest House: Bride Flower Bouquet
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Bride, Bridesmaids, and Flower Girl
St. Augustine Oldest House: Ring Bearer and Flower Girl
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Bride
St. Augustine Oldest House: Groom
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Bride Hair Accessory
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Outdoor Historic Wedding
St. Augustine Oldest House: Vintage Romantic Bride and Groom
St. Augustine Oldest House: Romantic Historic Bride and Groom
St. Augustine Oldest House: Romantic Historic Bride and Groom
St. Augustine The White Room: Romantic Wedding Venue
St. Augustine The White Room: Romantic Wedding Venue
St. Augustine The Conservatorie: Romantic Wedding Flowers
St. Augustine The Conservatorie: Wedding Flower Centerpiece
St. Augustine The White Room: Bride and Groom
St. Augustine The White Room: Romantic Bride and Groom
St. Augustine The White Room: Bride and Groom Dessert
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Props Travel
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Dessert Table
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Dessert Table
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Macaroon Dessert
St. Augustine The White Room: Vintage Wedding Props I Do
St. Augustine The White Room: Sweet Wedding Desserts
St. Augustine The White Room: Sweet Wedding Macaroon Dessert
St. Augustine The White Room: Sweet Wedding Dessert Table and Props
St. Augustine The White Room: Sweet Wedding Macaroon Dessert
St. Augustine The White Room: Romantic Sweet Wedding Props
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Photo Booth Prop
St. Augustine The White Room: Vintage Travel Postcard Wedding Invitation
St. Augustine The White Room: Vintage DIY Wedding Flag Prop
St. Augustine The White Room: Romantic Rooftop Flower Centerpiece
St. Augustine The White Room: DIY Ceiling Wedding Prop
St. Augustine The White Room: DIY Wedding Table Party Favors
St. Augustine The White Room: Wedding Band and Engagement Rings
St. Augustine The White Room: Rooftop Wedding Bride and Father Dance
St. Augustine The White Room: Rooftop Wedding Bride and Groom Dance
St. Augustine The White Room: Bride and Groom Fireworks Kiss