St Augustine Photographer: Selfie Mom’s Rule

I have been giving this a lot of thought lately especially as we go into the holiday season. Selfie moms rule! What is a selfie mom, you ask? Well my friend Cait is genius at it. She takes a selfie with her kids almost everyday, when they are out and about, at a restaurant, park, at the pick-up line at school. It is something that is super important and has nothing to do with vanity.

There was a Huffington Post piece that circulated a few years ago written by a mom who decided to get over her insecurities about her weight/hair/eye bags, etc and be in more photos with her children. She talked about looking at photos of her own mother and it never occurring to her, “wow mom looks fat in that picture.”

I completely agree with this practice. My mom has been gone for over 10 years now. Looking at photos of my childhood where she is the same age as I am now is such a treat. When she was alive, I remember her looking at a photo I took of her as a kid and she said, “Ha! I look so young!” She didn’t comment about her neck or her crows feet which were of course probably much worse at that point.

If you aren’t 100% thrilled with your body these days for whatever reason, I completely understand not wanting evidence of this time. But your kids are still going to be growing and changing everyday while you are working on your better self. Hop into these photos anyway. Don’t look at them now if you don’t want to. File them away. I promise in 10 years you will not mind as much and your kids will have a record of you in their lives. Their childhood memories will fade and will be replaced only by the pictures they see. Make sure they remember exactly how much fun you had together and how much joy was on their faces and on yours.

So tomorrow on Halloween have someone else take a photo of you with your ghosts and goblins or rock that selfie. Make the upcoming holiday season one that turns over a new leaf in you being in photos with your kid. They’ll thank you for it!