St. Augustine Photographer: We Sell Prints!

Often times you may see an image on social media or else where on the internet that you absolutely love and want to share with friends and family, which is great! We love it when people share our work! Nothing is greater than knowing that other people find joy in the same images that you do, and that they see the beauty in those moments that you just had to capture. So go ahead and share! But be mindful, whenever sharing pictures on Facebook, for example, make sure that you credit the photographer so that there’s no mistaking who the picture belongs to, even if it does not have a watermark on it. Not just because the photographer owns the copyright and other legal stuff, but because it is the right thing to do. So show the love! It is the best compliment.

But what if you want more than just to share the image? What if you love it so much and want to hang it in your home and show it off to everyone, or keep it as an art piece? We would suggest contacting the photographer to inquire if they sell prints! And guess what? We sell prints! So if you ever see an image of ours that you just absolutely love, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our prints are always high quality and we can print on a variety of media in a variety of sizes.

Just check out this stunning picture Kate took of fog surrounding the El Galeon in Downtown St. Augustine as seen from the Treasury Building. It sure would look beautiful framed hanging in your home!