St. Augustine Wedding Photographer: Destination Elopement

We have noticed a substantial upswing of couples coming to St. Augustine for their destination elopement. And who would blame them? This charming little city has so many beautiful locations that are perfect for small, intimate weddings. There’s just something so sentimental about sharing your special day between only the two of you in St. Augustine. You can still have your adorably simple ceremony, but with all of the historic charisma that the city has to offer, but without the extensive planning of an elaborate wedding.

Planning a destination elopement can be a little tricky, especially if you don’t know where to start, but we have some helpful tips for the couple looking to elope in our little city! First of all, we do not recommend getting married at the courthouse. It’s not the quaint little building you may be expecting (it is located in the same building as the DMV), and there are plenty of more scenic options for you to choose from whether it is a B&B that offers an all inclusive package like our friends at the Cedar House Inn or the Bayfront Marin House.

No need to stress about finding an officiant! You can simply go to the St. Augustine Wedding & Events Association website to find an ideal match for your ceremony. The site also provides great recommendations for other vendors as well if you have decided to not do an all inclusive package.

Lastly, we love to get to know you before your wedding. Plan a little weekend trip before your wedding to scout out the area and meet with us. Or if you can’t make a trip beforehand, let’s meet for coffee the day before the elopement to hear more about your love story, get to know one another and see your chemistry with each other.