St. Augustine Portrait Photographer: Print your Summer Pictures!

It’s so wonderful to be able to take out our phones and snap a picture of an amazing moment at any given time. From fun beach adventures, to the annual family vacation, our phones are there to capture it all! Plus did you know that this generation is the most photographed generation of all time, but the LEAST printed. No pressure right? Well if you are as overwhelmed at the though as we are, start today by downloading one of the apps below and get started

Luckily, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite apps and websites that takes all of the hassle out of printing your pictures! Get ready to break out the photo albums and scrapbooks and spend a fun afternoon making it easy to share your memories with all of your friends and family!


Download this awesome app to your phone to make super cute square prints of your tricked out Instagram photos. They are 4″x4″ and are awesome to give to your bestie to remember that girls trip to Napa last year (hey I can dream right?). A pack of 24 prints is only $12. They also make rectangular mini prints and regular 4×6’s which are great to print all those selfies that are lingering in your phone and deserve a place on the fridge. I also love their paper because of the way it absorbs the color, giving everything a soft matte feel. Plus they have some gorgeous rustic wood frames and shadow boxes. We didn’t know they had added these to their catalog until we started writing this post and can’t wait to order a couple. This free app is available via iTunes app store but sadly for Android peeps it is an iPhone only app.


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2. is one of our favorite labs for consumers. They are the little brother of our professional print lab and offer some fun keepsakes like holiday ornaments and playing cards printed with your snapshots. They offer 29 different sizes and 3 paper styles to choose from, and start as low as 19 cents a print. Your smart phone makes a pretty decent hi-resolution image and can probably print up to an 8×10 before you will notice some graininess. You do however have to download your photos to your computer to use this lab which is a bummer and we wish they would make an app. Make sure to use the original photo your camera took NOT the one you ran through the Instagram app so that it has higher resolution and is a normal rectangle shape.

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Both iPhone and Android users can have fun with this app that lets you send in the U.S. Mail a postcard WHILE you are on that trip to Napa a “wish you were here” note to family and friends stuck at home. The postcard has a QR code on it that the recipient can scan with their smart phone to send you back a note and also download the photo on the card. It’s great for kids to get into since who doesn’t love mail waiting for them when they arrive home?

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Speaking of kids, as yours are headed back to school in the next few weeks or are already back, now is the best time to get those summer memories printed. Before you know it, Halloween will be here with a whole new crop of photos that will just get heaped on the pile so don’t delay! Our family has been using these albums from Target. They are super easy for small hands to slide  4×6’s in and they are classy enough that you can put on your shelf and not have them clash with your decor. Our kids love to pull them out and look over their photos, especially the ones they took. It cements those memories for them just like it did for us growing up. Plus when your phone takes a header into the toilet, you don’t lose all those months of cute kid smiles and selfies with your besties!

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Hope this was helpful to get you started printing your photos. If you find other apps/sites you love, drop us a note or a comment below. We are always looking for something new to feature. Happy printing!