St. Augustine Photographer: Instagram Addict

Have you played with Instagram? I have become obsessed with it. It is a great way to share photos with other photo minded people. I find inspiration in what others come up with in their everyday lives. I have noticed that a lot of my “friends” on the photo based social media site take pictures of their food. Not sure if that means that we all just love to eat or what?

If you have an iPhone, you HAVE to check out this app. It doesn’t have as many filters and bells/whistles as Hipstamatic which I kind of like. The down side is that the built in camera in the app doesn’t create a very big file so if you are wanting to print your Instagram photo later, it probably won’t go very well. Although, I just got a note from Blurb books that they have an upload program to instantly make a book out of your Instagram photos.

Here are some of my Instagram photos from the last 2 months. I even took some photos at a friend’s wedding where I was a guest. Definitely makes you think out of the box when all you have is your iPhone to make a great photo at a wedding!