Josh and Suzanne: St. Augustine Portrait Photographer

Josh and Suzanne rock! When Suzanne told me that they had a hot rod and wanted to do some pin-up/rock-a-billy style photos for their engagement session, I giggled and did the happy photo dance! (I will show it some time if you ask!) Here are the sweet sweet bad-ass pix we shot. There is this secret place in my neighborhood that overlooks the estuary so we headed there first and then headed over to Vilano Beach for a few shots in their errie downtown. They told me the cutest story about how Josh purposed. He had gotten her ring and it was burnin a hole in his pocket. So he drove all over town in the ‘rod looking for her. Everywhere he went, he had just missed her. So finally he catches up with her in a parking lot, gets down on one knee in front of the car and sweeps her off her feet! I bet our little recreation doesn’t hold a candle to the real deal but it does have better lighting! :O)

Can’t wait to shoot their wedding next year. I’ve been told not to expect anything average!

--Christine - i love them against that blue! that b&w of them w/ The Car is destined for heirloom.

Beth - I love this session!